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Commercial Real Estate Funding

Multifamily, Office Building, Office, Self-Storage, Industrial, Warehouse, All CRE Properties Considered, No FICO Restrictions, Pre-Foreclosures, Bankruptcy Bailouts, Equity Funding, Bad Credit, No Credit, Hard-to-Fund Deals, etc. from 7.25% – $500K to $50MM estimated 5 Days!

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Funding Programs

Easy & Fast Commercial Real Funding Programs

Bridge & Mezzanine Funding

Examples: Nation-Wide, All Commercial Property Considered, $500K to $50MM, Up to 75% LTV, 6 Months to 3 Years, Estimated 1-2 week Closing!

Subordinated Debt & Second Mortgage

Examples: Nation-Wide, All Commercial Property Considered, Up to 75% LTV, $500K to $50MM, 6 Months to 3 Years, Estimated 1-2 week Closing!

New “CRE Funding Program” on illiquid ownership interests in commercial real estate syndications

With this lender, you and both Limited Partners and General Partners can use obtain $500K to $5MM for funding or buyouts, etc. Examples: Nation-Wide, Multifamily, Office Building, Office, Self-Storage, Industrial, and Warehouse Properties, Up to 75% LTV, $500K to $5MM, 1 Year to 3 Years, Estimated 1-2 week Closing!

New “Specialty Lender” seeking to Fund on any type of commercial properties

Lending based on LTV, No FICO restrictions, Pre-Foreclosures, Bankruptcy Bailouts, Bad Credit, No Credit, all commercial property types welcomed, 100% CLTV financing, Perfect deals are not required, and other hard-to fund deals up to $5 million in 5 days!

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SGPEF, Inc. is a small boutique private equity firm with over 30 years of experience in the finance industry, alternative commercial real estate financing, hard money loans, bridge financing, mezzanine financing, structured commercial real estate project bond financing, etc.

We have consulted clients in commercial real estate financing, banking, financial forecasting, raising venture capital, financial structuring, etc. We collaborate with many financial industry professionals, such as financial institutions, other private equity firms, private lenders, hedge funds, investors, finance companies, and banks that provide clients with exceptional financial services and financial products to succeed in their endeavors.

Our philosophy is to always focus on the client’s requirement(s) to provide them with the specific financial service(s) and or financial product(s) to succeed in their business goal(s).

The market conditions of today have created many unforeseeable obstacles that prevent you from receiving funding – but we have a solution!

Our Alternative Commercial Real Estate Fund Division, a financial team in place with access to funds: “Investment Funds,” “Proven-Direct Lenders,” “Hedge Funds,” “Private Equity Funds,” “Private Investors,” etc. that understand the commercial real estate pandemic conditions, and we are still eagerly seeking to fund deals – in some cases within 5 days!

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